Source camera identification using WLBP descriptor
Paper ID : 1042-MVIP2020
Nasme Zandi1, Farbod Razzazi *2
1Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
In this paper we introduce a camera identification method using WLBP texture descriptor. This descriptor has previously been used for texture and face classifiers. In the proposed method, we proposed to use WLBP operator in camera classification application to identify the imaging camera. In our method, the two-dimensional histogram of Weber’s features and LBP for camera identification are investigated. For this purpose, experiments were conducted on Dresden database. The proposed method has reached the accuracy of 99.52% on nine digital cameras of different models. In compressed JPEG images with the compression quality factor of 70%, the method reached the accuracy of 89.04%. The results indicate that the proposed method has a high degree of accuracy in comparison to other proposed methods and exhibits relatively good robustness to compression.
Image Forensics; Camera Identification, Weber Local descriptor, Local binary Patterns
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)