An Application of Image Processing in Rug Industry
Paper ID : 1064-MVIP2020
Kossar Jeddisaravi1, Reza Javanmard-alitap *2, Sasan Parsafar1, Leila Eslami1
1Electrical and Computer Engineering Depatment University of Science and Technology of Mazandaran
Image processing is a common solution in automation systems in many industrial productions. In this paper, we applied image processing techniques in a real problem in rugs industry, which has considerable market in the world. Thus, in our proposed fringing tool, an automatic approach finds the rug in the image first and add fringes to the rug considering different condition i.e. direction and orientation of the rug, perspective etc. This system helps the company/customer to give/receive a visual look to the service before implementing/receiving that, which reduce the cost considerably. Implementation results show that our approach is practical in industry with a high performance and satisfaction from customers’ point of view in our visual tests.
Image processing, Rug Industry, Automatic Fringing
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)