A Retina-Inspired Multiresolution Analysis Framework for Pansharpening
Paper ID : 1095-MVIP2020
Mehran Maneshi *1, Mohammad Hassan Ghassemian1, Ghassem Khademi1, Maryam Imani2
1Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
2Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering Tarbiat Modares University
Technical limitations on the satellite sensors make a trade-off between the spectral and spatial resolution in remotely sensed images. To deal with this issue, pansharpening has been emerged to prepare a single image with the high spatial and spectral resolution, simultaneously. This paper presents a pansharpening approach based on the retina-inspired model and the multiresolution analysis (MRA) framework. The retina-inspired model is simplified by the difference of Gaussian (DoG) operator, and we apply it to the panchromatic image to extract the spatial details. Furthermore, the injection gains in the MRA framework are calculated through an iterative process where the gains at each iteration is updated based on the fusion result obtained from its previous iteration. To investigate the performance of the proposed model, it is compared with some classical pansharpening approaches with two data sets captured by the GeoEye-1 and Pléiades satellite imagery sensors. The experimental results show the proposed retina-inspired pansharpening method acts well in injecting the spatial information along with reducing the spectral distortion.
Difference of Gaussian (DoG); Image fusion; Pansharpening; Retina model; Remote sensing
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)