Extraction of thermal profile in gloves for optimum design using image processing
Paper ID : 1108-MVIP2020
Arefeh Maghsodi *, Pedram Payvandi, Mohammad Saleh Ahmadi
image processing is the best tool for extracting features , analyzing location , and finally making the right decision and is currently used in several fields such as textiles and clothing . recognizing the thermal properties of textiles due to applications in thermal comfort , thermal protection , thermal insulation , etc. is one of the most important issues for the development of textile products in most industries . knowing which area of glove has more contact and temperature changes , it is of great importance to know which area of glove has more contact and temperature changes and there is a need for design and optimization .The image processing has been used because of the lack of testing to know the temperature of textiles accurately . The purpose of this paper is to process images and extract the thermal profile from images taken by the thermal camera using the k - means clustering algorithm and plots the heat distribution diagram showing in which area of glove requires a change in the design To provide motor comfort while also providing thermal comfort.
K-means clustering algorithm, image processing, gloves, thermal camera, thermal comfort
Status : Paper Accepted (Poster Presentation)