Low-cost 3D scanning using ultrasonic and camera data fusion for CNC Engraving Laser-Based Machine
Paper ID : 1117-MVIP2020
Meisam Jamshidi Seikavandi *
Sensor-fusion has gained much popularity in 3D-scanning in recent years. There are a variety of sensors like depth-camera, camera, laser-scanner, ultrasonic sensor, which are widely used in the area. The robotic research community has studied ultrasound sensors for decades. While they have lost attention with the advent of laser scanners and cameras, they remain successful for special applications due to their robustness and simplicity; additionally, ultrasound measurement is more robust than depth-camera for illumination-varying scenarios and work with glassy pieces. In this work, we choose camera and ultrasonic sensor fusion method for a CNC Engraving Machine concerning their lower cost and a particular act of applying. To be more specific, we use a heuristic, hand-crafted fusion to prepare 3D presentation of different pieces. The output data of the camera were down-sampled to ultrasonic data scale. In fact, by using an image processing method, the image, and ultrasonic data will be used to prepare a principle scheme and final 3D map.
Sensor-fusion,camera,ultrasonic sensor,3D-scanning,image processing,hand-crafted fusion
Status : Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)